Nicks Got Your Back
Mattress Co.

I'm Nick, the owner of nicksgotyourback,

After getting the correct licenses and permits to sell *New Mattress Sets*,  I pondered what I could do for my customer to give them the best possible mattress for the lowest price.  To start with, I needed to minimize overhead.  I have accomplished that by not having any retail stores, employees, or contract delivery service.  I do everything myself, from taking your phone call, meeting you at the factory, and personally delivering your mattress.  This is what allows me to have a competitive pricing advantage over my competition. 

Then I needed a high quality line of mattresses that were 99% comparable to "Sealy" & "Simmons" but for far lower prices, and once again that has been accomplished.  Everything I sell is 100% brand new in the plastic with a 10-20 yr warranty depending upon the manufacturer of the bed.  I will never sell a mattress that is used or rebuilt.  I personally will be delivering your mattress to you.  In most cases I can deliver 24/7. If the mattress is not what you expected when I show up, please refuse at no charge.  I take all forms of payment after delivery has been completed.
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